Your Guide to Wedding Themes & Wedding Theme Ideas

April, 19, 2020 |

Now that you have chosen your wedding date, it is time to get started on the preparation of the day.
There is so many different elements that come together to make your special day and each element needs time and thought put into it.
One of the big parts of the day is, of course, the wedding reception. It is the time when everyone gets to come together after the formalities, laugh and spend time together. It is seen as the party and wind down part of the event and a part that people remember for years to come.

Your reception can be anything you want it to be. Your reception planning is a time where you can let your creative juices flow and put together a theme that not only looks amazing but also brings through your personality and character.

What is a reception theme?

The theme of your reception is simply how you want your reception to look and feel. Setting your reception theme is deciding on the overall design of the whole and then how each of the different design elements will come together. There are many parts of the design and theme of your reception including table decorations, overhead decorations, chair covers and props that may be set up around the room.

Do I need a reception theme?

It is your wedding day so you can absolutely not have a theme to your reception, however even if you say you are not having a theme – chances are to some extend there will be a theme around the room. Even simply saying that you want the room all white or just want fresh flowers on the tables is an element of a theme.
By choosing a theme and sticking to it when designing how the reception will look gives the event a uniform and elegant look to it.

What are some popular wedding reception themes?

There are literally hundreds of different ways that you can design your wedding reception and different themes that you can choose from. We have put together a list of some of the most popular modern wedding themes below


The rustic theme is one that many couples are using for their weddings and receptions these days.  It involves lots of natural colours, wood and a very comfy, homely vibe. There are string lights strung, twine covered mason jars and wooden signs throughout the design bringing a very warm feel to the reception.


The modern wedding look involves using straight lines, geometric shapes and a very minimalist approach when creating the design for the reception.
By using a modern look in your reception you are minimising the about of decoration, having a sleek look to the room and keeping the focus on the happy couple.


Another theme that is becoming highly popular is the whimsical looked theme.
It is a fun and colourful theme that will have people talking and remembering for years to come.
A whimsical theme uses lots of colour in the design, balloons, funky flower arrangements and mismatched items such as chairs and cutlery.
It is a fun and quirky way to decorate your wedding and show off your personality.


Another highly popular theme for weddings is going with the vintage look. The vintage look brings with it elegance and class.
The theme includes using items decorated with lace, vintage props around the room and items made from recycled materials that are still in their original state.
The vintage look is a timeless look that will not only bring your wedding together, but it will also bring the guests of all ages together with a design that reaches out to each of them – grandparents love the look of a vintage wedding.

Final Thought

Your wedding day is a day to remember, so it needs to be a day that you are happy with and want to remember.
Take your time choosing the theme for your wedding and the reception and decide on something that speaks to both you and your partner.
Have fun during the designing stage and remember that at the end of the day, the most important thing is you and your partner getting up and declaring your love for each other – the rest is just the party afterwards.


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