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Even though marriage in modern China has adopted more western attitudes and styles in recent times, many ceremonies still incorporate traditional elements of past dynasties from which families are connected. This includes meaningful tea ceremonies, traditional dress, impressive décor, and more. If you’re planning a Chinese wedding, it’s important to choose a photographer who can capture all of these elements with the attention and respect they deserve. At Twenty One Studio, our photographer has covered extensive Chinese weddings from big to small.

Perfecting the First Take

Weddings are full of moments – a smile, a laugh, a kiss, a gesture, an expression – that can pass within the blink of an eye. It’s our job to notice all of these moments and capture them with as much clarity and beauty as possible, allowing you to recall and treasure them for the rest of your life. Our photographers are always on the ball, watching every move you and your partner make.

We pride ourselves on taking as many photos as we can in the time available. By being quick and responsive, we can minimise the amount of precious time wasted and provide you with an impressive selection of photos. This includes carefully choreographed photos with the bridal party and family members as well as impromptu photos of spontaneous and romantic moments.

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At Twenty One Studio, our love of weddings and photography come together to create a studio that’s second to none. If you’re looking for an experienced photographer to capture your Chinese wedding, call us on 0432 329 021, send an email to or fill out our online enquiry form to request further information.


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