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Pre-wedding, Engagement Photography in Melbourne

Pre-wedding shoot, engagement shoot, whichever you Melbourne couples like to call it, they all refers to a portrait photography session before the big wedding day. It’s usually fun, relaxed, and casual photo shoot where our couples get to go to their favourite locations (which usually is impossible to do that on the wedding day due to distance, hectic schedule etc…) to have their photos taken.

Interesting, tell me more about this pre-wedding, engagement shoot?

These engagement, pre-wedding sessions goes between 60-90 minutes to half day which allows the couples to try on different outfits and locations. Vietnamese/Chinese couples often like to wear their wedding gown & attire so that they can later have photos enlarged, framed, and displayed at the wedding reception. Some also choose to print them onto an album or signing book. We have this option available if this is something you have in mind.

But, one big advantage of having the engagement, pre-wedding photo session is, the couples get to know their wedding photographer and both sides get comfortable with each other. This often results they are more relaxed on the big day and the photographer can work his/her magic better and capture more natural and beautiful images.

However, unlikely, but it happens, the couples can also find out if their wedding photographer isn’t right for them. Worst case, they can always look for another one as there is still time. Can’t stress you enough on this. It’s very important to work with the right wedding photographer as there is no second take, you will stuck with the photographer for a whole day, if you don’t like or trust that person, your wedding photos and precious memory will most likely suffer. Luckily, there are many great wedding photographers in Melbourne to choose from.

We have had couples from Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam who travelled to Australia and had their pre-wedding photos done in Melbourne. It’s no surprise, we have many iconic landmarks which international couples love, such as the Flinders Street Station, graffiti laneways, restaurant/cafe strip, picturesque arcade, and beautiful gardens/parks all around Melbourne. Not to mention popular beaches such as our famous Brighton beach with the colourful bath houses. The options are endless.

We are more than happy to help you with this process, if you need some ideas/inspirations of where to go and the type of pictures you can take, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us here

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