Vogue Ballroom Sudanese Wedding | Emmanuel + Ajulo

June, 19, 2020 |

We have done many Ethiopian wedding in the past but this is the first Sudanese wedding we had the opportunity to cover. And it was good. In fact, it was really good. We just love the vibrant colours on the girls dresses, the vibe, the traditional dance etc…Emmanuel & Ajulo has done their traditional ceremony weeks before the main wedding day to respect their proud Sudanese traditions. Unfortunately, we missed out this opportunity to photograph some of their traditional dresses and interesting customs.

The couple had their official “I do” at St Anne’s Seaford Parish on a mid summer day, before heading back to their wedding reception at Vogue Ballroom (Burwood). Ajulo looks stunning in her wedding gown when they did the first dance with fireworks sparkles all around. It was magical moment to capture and we think we barely did its justice. Highlight of the night for us was when Ajulo serving the freshly cut wedding cakes for the elders on her knees as she moved around the room to different tables.  What a strong woman is our bride.

The night continued with DJ playing some Sudanese catchy tunes and every one was on the dance floor having the time of their lives. It was a great night and a beautiful happy ending for a lovely couple. Thank you so much for having us as part of your celebration.

Watch Emmanuel & Ajulo’s cinematic teaser HERE

Want to see what our team members up to in the making of Emmanuel & Ajulo’s wedding production? We did a little fun project and put together a little BTS video. We’d love for you to CHECK IT OUT


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