Tony & Kristian’s Gay Wedding | Second Story Studios

May, 7, 2019 |

“I’m sorry I didn’t turn out the way you wanted dad”, Tony said in his speech, “I didn’t become a doctor or lawyer”. That was unexpected and the crowd bursted out laughing. It was a hilarious speech. But others were just as good. Tony’s dad even sang a song to congratulate his son for marrying the man of his dream, it was just so touching and sent many people to tears. I must admit, I did feel overwhelmed and pretty emotional too.

The night went on with more awesome speeches and people just having a damn good time enjoying the party and celebrating their friends, Tony and Kristian, finally tied their knot, and to celebrate Australia for finally legalise gay wedding.

For Tony & Kristian, they had waited 20 long years for this moment. The moment when they finally had the same right as any one else, to love somebody and to say “I do” loud & proud. Needless to say, these guys are living the dream. A very simple dream that many of us take it for granted.

For me, shooting Tony & Kristian’s wedding, was something very special. It was my first gay wedding shoot and I went in not knowing what to expect. But turned out, I didn’t have to. It’s just like any other wedding that I’ve done. People fell in love and got married, that’s it. All I need was to capture it perfectly. After all, love is love. Just focus on it and the rest of the photography part is easy.

It is my honour to present you, Melbourne’s newest husband and husband!

Ceremony & Reception: Second Story Studios

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