The Baths Middle Brighton Wedding Photography | Leigh & Gary

November, 15, 2023 |

After a long time spent planning and dreaming about the perfect beach wedding, Leigh and Gary finally tied the knot at The Baths Middle Brighton. And what a beautiful day it was! The sun was shining, the ocean breeze was gentle, and love was definitely in the air.

As a wedding photographer, I have been lucky enough to capture many special moments on camera. But there’s just something about beach weddings that make them stand out. The natural setting, the relaxed atmosphere, and the stunning backdrop of the ocean all come together to create a truly magical experience.

And I must say, Leigh and Gary’s wedding was no exception. From beginning to end, it was filled with laughter, love, and happy tears (including my own). As I look back at the photos from that day, I am reminded of just how special and unique each and every wedding is. No two are ever alike.

Venue: The Baths Middle Brighton

Band & DJ: Something Borrowed

Dress: Rachel Gilbert

Florist: Victoria Whitelaw

Photography: Twenty One Studio | Wedding Photography & Videography

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