Sue & Joop’s Family Portrait Photography

May, 7, 2019 |

Dayal turning 1 and his parents, Sue & Joop, wanted to have their family portrait captured and reserved these priceless memories of him being 1 year old. Having seen my work through a mutual friend, Sue contacted me to organize the shoot. They wanted something more natural than those posing shots they did few weeks back in a studio.

We chose Queen’s Park in Moonee Ponds for our location as it has beautiful gardens, big shady tree lines, playgrounds, cafe, and of course, a lake. Perfect spot for a family day out or in our case, a family portrait shoot.

Working with kids isn’t as easy as the photos normally show, but it has its perks. Specially when you get to shoot with a relaxed and joyful kid. From the very first few shots, Dayal actually got very comfortable with his parents and the camera. Even his parents surprised. They had a totally different experience from the studio session previously where he was not settled until the very end of the shoot.

I had a great time capturing Sue & Joop’s family portrait, specially the little star, Dayal whom I even had a chance to cuddle as he was so adorable.

Looking for a park for your next family day out? Be sure to check out Mamma knows west for inspirations. For photography service inquiry, don’t hesitate to drop us an email

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