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May, 7, 2019 |

The bond shared between two people that have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together is unique and indescribable. There are definitely many memorable moments shared between two lovebirds. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a camera around to capture these beautiful moments.

It is truly an honor that Shui and Kath have chosen Twentyone Photos to join them on their special day. But Kath and I go a long way back.
I actually met Katherine few years back at Kevin & Emily’s wedding in Melbourne Zoo when she was Emily’s bridesmaid. So, when it was her turn to tie the knot, Kath stumbled on our website by chance when she was searching for a wedding photographer and the rest as they say, was history.

The wedding day kicked off at the groom’s house with Shui casually having a drink with his best man (also his brother, Shaun), groomsman, Daniel, and groomswoman, Cailin, while sharing a story or two about differences between Whisky & Scotch. We all learned something new that day.

Then came the part where Shui put on his tuxedo and bow tie with the help of his groomsmen, all hell broke loose, as it turned out, they did such a lousy job and Shui ended up helping everyone with their bow tie. We all had a good laugh. The guys having fun, that’s the main thing. We left the boys with some “feel-good” moments captured.

Our next stop is Kath’s house. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Emily again, this time as Kath’s bridesmaid. Well not really, I knew she would be there, but I often get caught up with overwhelming feelings when I see people I worked with at previous weddings.

Kath looked stunning in her elegant white wedding gown while the bridesmaids wearing peach-coral dresses, a perfect complement to Kath’s. As I was capturing the girls getting ready by the windows, I caught a glimpse of Kath’s dad, sitting comfortably on his favorite chair looking at his beautiful girls with a subtle smile. Having a little baby girl myself, I could really understand how proud and happy he must have felt.

The ceremony at Fitzroy Gardens was another highlight of the day. The beautiful plane tree walk where the ceremony took place, created a perfect setting for the aisle passageway that witnessed many, many wedding vow exchanges over the years. Today, was just another couple, happily in love, officially became one.

I could really go on and on about Shui & Kath’s wedding as there are just too many beautiful moments I witnessed and captured, but I will just leave it here and let you do the judge.

Wedding venue: The Pavilion Fitzroy Gardens

DJ: Bruce Harrison

Wedding Photography: Twentyone Studio

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