Scott & Mina’s Melbourne Wedding Photography | Luminare

Scott & Mina’s Melbourne Wedding Photography | Luminare

June, 18, 2016 |

Here’s a thing about a Chinese wedding, to claim his wife, the groom and his best men has to complete series of challenges set by the evil sisters (aka bridesmaids), when they arrive at the bride house that morning. You can’t get out of this. That, or you go home empty handed.

Or you could bribe the evil sisters with some red pocket money…

Once you get through the door, the usual tea ceremony takes place and you get to see the bride in her beautiful traditional red dress, which Mina had chosen very well. It has a modern look with a slight touch of traditional feel to it, kinda reflecting Mina’s personality actually. Both the groom and bride will then pay respect to the ancestors and serve tea to their parents and older relatives. That’s the custom.

Then they both live happily ever after…right?

Yes, but not before they have a second ceremony on a rooftop of Luminare (beautiful, beautiful wedding venue, you really should to check it out for yourself) where they officially say “I do” in front of family & closest friends as the rain start falling down Followed by an awesomely fun reception party with lion dance and more wedding games…

Then they both live happily ever after. THE END!

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