Mike & Alita’s Beautiful Wedding | Woodland House

May, 7, 2019 |

Mike & Alita chose Morell Bridge as their meeting point as it is their most favourite place to hang out in Melbourne. They wanted just a few photos at the bridge to remind themselves some good times they had while dating and weren’t planning on doing a first look capture.
Alita’s taxi was running late. He waited patiently and happily chat about how they first met until she came. Wow, I thought, not sure if there was a coalition between Saint Patrick’s Day and her beautiful green wedding dress. I looked at Mike and I knew he couldn’t believe in his luck. It was emotional and I didn’t miss capturing this first look moment.

We then went to few other locations for more photos such as Parliament House and Degraves Street before heading back to Fitzroy Gardens for the ceremony. But to Mike & Alita’s horror, it was empty. Gasped in shock, everyone was supposed to be here by now, she said. Panicking, we started to walk few hundreds metres further into the gardens and saw some familiar faces. Turned out, it was set up at a wrong location due to some miscommunication. Relieved they were. The wedding still went ahead and they got married in the end. Phew, that was a fun experience.
After the ceremony, everyone was invited back to the Woodland House where they could finally relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the night.

Mike & Alita’s wedding was intimate and laid back, just like how they both are. You can probably tell from looking at Alita’s smile and Mike’s passionate kisses every time he got a chance. I really enjoyed document these two on their special day and captured some beautiful portraits of them both.

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