Mick & Thida’s Wedding Photography | Lyrebird Falls

May, 7, 2019 |

Get ready for the ride, because this photographic journey has certainly got some twists and turns!

I’ve had the honour of being best friends with Mick for a number of years now and when he asked me to be his wedding photographer there was no hesitation but to jump at the chance to highlight this amazing relationship. I have never seen Mick so head over heels in love before so was honoured to capture every moment.

Thida chose the wedding venue Lyrebird Falls, a venue as beautiful as she is, inside and out. I need to shamelessly name drop but the two featured flower girl and page boy are her gorgeous children Alena and Jacob. I had to do everything in my willpower to not take endless photos of just them!

Everything about this wedding was traditional, the bride in her white dress, the exchanging of the vows and the beautiful reception to follow. However true to form, the couple added their own fantastic twists to it- even the flowers were not the traditional dusky pink roses I see at most weddings, but instead amazing floral arrangements of gorgeous eye popping hues of blues, purples and violets. I had so many favourite moments from this day, it’s hard to narrow them down.

To begin with, I have never been asked to pledge a vow as a guest before, but took great pleasure in these ones:

“I solemnly pledge to have a great time
To sample the food, beer and the wine
To compliment the Bride on her beautiful dress
To flatter the groom for looking his best
To speak to friends both old and new
And to enjoy memories
Of a great day for these two!”

(Rest assured, I took these vows very seriously!)

Additionally, the two caused quite a bit of laughter when instead of stating the traditional and tear jerking “I do’s” they exclaimed loudly “HELL YEAH!”.

To top things off, in true Mick and Thida style, after the vows and rings were exchanged, their fathers were invited up to the altar to share a bottle of Jack Daniels. This is definitely a new tradition I can get behind!

At the reception everything seems to going along as standard weddings go, but suddenly instead of a first dance, Mick and Thida pull out guitars and performed “You and Me” by Lifehouse. This was followed by a series of other songs they had been rehearsing for months. Have you ever seen a bride rock out in her wedding dress? It’s a wonderful sight I will never forget for the rest of my life.

To top this all off, instead of a wedding cake they had an icecream cake, although we ran into some difficulty given the warm 30 plus degree day! Thida also arranged a surprise birthday for Mick, who not only married the love of his life, he turned 40 that day too. A truly tremendous day.

Honestly, no matter what I extrapolate about this wedding, no words can come to close to how gorgeous the entire day was. The colours bled into the emotion of the day, and the vibrancy bounced off the joy. Often I take pride in my work, and I do with this one, but I feel that the photos were all that much more extraordinary because of the extraordinary couple I was honoured to photograph.

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