Michael & Lea’s Chinese Wedding Photography | White Night Receptions

December, 7, 2019 |

It was mid summer day with plenty of sunshine, a perfect day to get married. Michael & Lea’s wedding day started with the boys arrived at Lea’s to pick up Michael’s bride, but not before they had to pass some hilarious challenges to get to her. Lea’s bridesmaids obviously had put lots of thoughts into this. Who would have thought you could have so much fun with wasabi, seaweed and balloons? Well done, girls!

The first tea ceremony followed soon after Michael and his boys passed the door games with flying colours.

Never underestimate the power of desperate men and good team work.

After that, everyone was invited back to Michael’s place for the second tea ceremony and lunch. This is the part where we put down our cameras and devour the most famous dish ever invented, suckling pig. Yes, it’s our favourite part of the day. As wedding photographers, we  need to get enough energy to survive a 14 hours marathon Chinese wedding. Until dinner is served anyway.

Michael & Lea’s third and official ceremony of the day was held at the Secret Garden in White Night Receptions. The couple finally said “I do” under the gazebo in front of all their friends and family.


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