Lyrebird Falls Vietnamese Wedding Photography | Loc & Chi

April, 12, 2020 |

Loc & Chi, a super cute Vietnamese couple who just recently made it officially with their families & friends at Lyrebird Falls, a beautiful wedding venue in Dandenong and one of our favourite location to shoot, for its picturesque scenery and majestic backdrop of the Dandenong ranges forest. It’s always been a pleasure to come back here time after time.

It was no exception for Loc & Chi’s wedding. The day began when the couple arrived at the venue to get ready. About the same time when the band started rehearsing with a few familiar tunes, setting up the mood up for the rest of the wedding day, relaxed and light hearted. It’s actually our ideal kind of wedding. Formalities were kept to the minimum and we were pleasantly surprised to find out the couple had already signed their lives away few weeks earlier at the Victorian Marriage Registry. So no traditional tea ceremony and endless formalities as we would expect from a Vietnamese wedding.

When it came to the ceremony part, it’s no surprise they left out the “I do” part, but instead, invited everyone in for a little game called “guess who”, when the couple had to read out a note from anonymous person and guess who it was. We had a bit of giggle to say the least.

After the ceremony, we moved on to the main room for the reception part of the night when our bride got changed into the traditional “Ao Dai” for their first dance and Loc took up the mic sang his heart out for his new wife that he barely had enough time to practise just before the ceremony.

That’s not all, we were in another treat when two of their Indian friends performed Bollywood dance and let everyone in awed.

To say Loc & Chi’s wedding is amazing is an understatement. We really enjoyed every minute of it and that’s why we love doing what we do, wedding photographers.

Wedding Venue: Lyrebird Falls

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