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May, 7, 2019 |

Eleven years is a long time. Long enough to know any person from inside out. Enough to fall in love with that person. And enough to realize they can’t live without each other. But who would wait 11 years to say “I do”? Unless you’re too busy enjoy each other company, travelling the world, living the life that many couples could only dream of? Then the last thing on their mind is tie the knot and settle down. Unless, of course, they are ready to begin another journey as husband and wife. That’s our Liam & Marisa’s story and they were ready to tie the knot.

Liam & Lisa’s wedding was intimate,  with only closest friends and families presented. They chose Japanese Garden at Melbourne Zoo for the wedding ceremony as it brought back some fond memories they shared together while visiting Japan, which, by the way, is one of my bucket list of places to go.

But before the ceremony took place, Liam & Marisa decided to do a first look and capture the very moment Liam see his bride for the first time. I have to admit, that was challenging and nerve breaking (for both Liam and I). He had to contain the emotion seeing his bride for the first time and I, as a wedding photographer, could not afford to miss the shot. I’m not sure if I did actually capture the moment, but looking through the photos of Liam & Marisa’s wedding, I can relive every moment on their wedding day exactly how it unfolded. But I’ll let you do the judge and decide it for yourself.

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