Lenny & Hannah’s White Night Receptions Wedding

April, 18, 2020 |

Lenny and I go way back many years ago when we got introduced through a friend from Uni. I lost contact with Lenny for some time. Until recently, I received a message from Lenny on Facebook about he just got married with a gorgeous girl in Korea and now having a second wedding in Melbourne. He asked if I could be his wedding photographer and I happily accepted. If there’s something I love more than shooting a wedding, that’s shooting a friend’s wedding.

The wedding ceremony & reception took place at White Night Receptions, a familiar place that I hold dear personally as I used to work here back in Uni days for pocket money. Good old times and lots of memory.

Lenny & Hannah’s wedding was chill and had just the right amount craziness as you would expect from Chinese weddings. If you have attended one before, you’ll know what I mean. Even Lenny had a hard time trying to get people’s attention as some tables were just too busy doin shots and taking photos. It’s a bit different from Korean wedding I assumed by the look on Hannah’s parents face, in a good way. They enjoyed it nevertheless.

Half way through the night, after their first dance, Hannah got changed into her Hanbok, a Korean traditional colourful dress, and the guests couldn’t have enough of it. My hands actually got tired from taking pictures of everyone wanting to have a picture with the Korean bride, with or without the groom (Sorry Lenny!).



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