Kody + Jamie // Two Ton Max Same Sex Wedding Melbourne

July, 23, 2020 |

When we met these guys the first time at our consultation meeting, Kody and Jamie seemed very conservative about who is looking after their precious memory. Kody said, “we want to make sure the photographer support same sex marriage and familiar with LGBTQ community”.

It’s understandable. After all, same sex marriage was only legalised by Dec 2017. Even then, not everyone is happy about it. I mentioned this before, during another gay wedding we were shooting last year for Thomas & Tim around Richmond alley ways, we were abused by someone in the neighbourhood who couldn’t stand the look of 2 gay men kissing.

After some conversations, Kody & Jamie was put to ease as we felt connected.

Came the wedding day, they decided to have our bridal photos first before the ceremony. We met up at the Macaulay station and took the train to Melbourne CBD where we had our photos done before heading back to Two Ton Max where everyone is waiting eagerly to see the couple.

Highlight from the night was definitely the first dance which Kody & Jamie had practised for months. An unforgettable performance that started cleverly disguised as a slow romantic dance but quickly picked up and changed from one fun tune to another. While most was screaming with excitement, we caught a few tears too.

It was a great night, fantastic night. Two Ton Max was filled with love all around and you can just feel it.

Dont forget to watch Kody & Jamie’s wedding video HERE

Photography & Videography by Twenty One Studio


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