Kevin & Emily’s Melbourne Zoo Wedding Photography

May, 7, 2019 |

This is a simple love story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who took it upon herself to explore the world. She wanted to learn so many new things, and so she set off to a land far away from her own comfort zone.
The girl found herself in China, a beautiful country but sadly threatened with a strain of influenza that was taking the lives of many people. As She was kept in isolation, something happened that changed her life forever.
She was approached by a boy. His gentle smile took her off guard. He spoke to her about many different things in life and soon she would forget about her loneliness.

The boy would often visit and keep her company. He would make her laugh every times he came around. And what happened next, well, you guess it!

They fell in love.

And so, now our wedding of  Kevin and Emily begins.

The whole day was a roller coaster of emotions, many we were so proud to be able to capture. Kevin’s father was overwhelmed as he stood so proudly holding the certificate that officially bound his son to his new wife.
The ceremony was held at the Melbourne Zoo, with the bride and groom feeding the giraffes after their marriage was officiated- something we never expected to shoot at as a wedding photographer.
The celebrations continued, and with a bow of respect to Kevin’s Chinese heritage, a traditional Chinese tea ceremony was held to commemorate the joining of the bride and groom. Emily looked stunning in her traditional Chinese qipao, while Kevin radiated with the smile he couldn’t wipe off his face.
As Kevin danced the first dance with his bride, I knew this was the perfect finale to the fairy tale love story.

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