Justin & Laura’s Lyrebird Falls Wedding Photography | Dandenong Ranges

June, 11, 2020 |

In many cultures, raining on the wedding day far from a bad thing, it is considered good luck. It symbolises fertility and cleansing. In Hindu traditions, it also means your marriage will last. Now I don’t know how many of these beliefs are true, but one thing is certain for us wedding photographers, raining on the wedding day means we get to capture spontaneous moments that otherwise wouldn’t happen on any normal day.

We get to challenge ourselves and be more creative with different types of photography techniques like off camera flash to produce back lighting affect  with our couple holding the umbrella in the rain. If done right, it creates a beautiful and intimate shot.

Anyway, back to the topic before I go off track talking about all things photography haha. Yes, it rained cats and dogs on Justin & Laura’s wedding day. Normally people would be panic and choose to have their ceremony indoor, but they were like, yeah nah, let’s have it outside as planned, let’s have some fun. The good people at Lyrebird Falls made sure they had enough umbrellas for everyone.

So there it was, Laura walking down the aisle with her mum in the heavy rain with all our guests standing up on both side holding umbrellas, having the best time of their lives. Really, who would forget moments like this? Noticed nobody had their phone out?

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