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June, 24, 2020 |

William & Halina’s wedding at the Fenix Events has got to be the chillest Chinese wedding we photograph in a long time. All the formalities was kept to the minimum, except the tea ceremony which was served right at the venue before the official civil ceremony to pay respect to the Elders. It’s the most important tradition of Chinese wedding as well as Vietnamese alike.

There was a light shower on their wedding day. In many cultures, it is considered good luck. But for us wedding photographers, it is the opportunity to bring out the umbrella and have some fun with the bridal party. Lucky for us, these guys were super cool with everything we threw at them. They actually enjoyed the photo shoot so much that time seemed to fly and we had to head back to Fenix Events to get ready for the bridal entrance and the rest of the night.

Highlight from the party was definitely the dance performance that left many people, including us with our jaws half dropped. It was that good.

Wil and Halina actually share the same love for dancing, amongst other things such as computer games. But it was the games that keep their relationship burning hot. Truth be told, Wil hates losing and can get very competitive. But when he wins, Wil admitted, “it’s not truly a win without you (Halina) right there celebrate with me”.  That probably sums it up these two perfectly.

Wedding Venue: Fenix Events
Photography & Film: Twenty One Studio

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