Duy & Tran’s Vietnamese Wedding Photography in Adelaide

Duy & Tran’s Vietnamese Wedding Photography in Adelaide

March, 5, 2020 |

We couldn’t contain the excitement when receiving the call from Duy that afternoon, it was a wedding that we were all waiting for. Duy & Tran are close friends of ours for years. They moved down to Melbourne for couple years and now back to Adelaide. Duy and Tran has been together for as long as we can remember.
So for us, it was more than just a wedding invitation, we got to fly to Adelaide and be their wedding photographer. Sounds awesome right? Cos it is. Think about it, it’s work + weekend trip + wedding, all in one.
But it’s my toughest gig yet. When we asked Duy & Tran how they would want their memory captured, they requested to keep it simple and that’s it. I knew then this isn’t one of those typical wedding we had done before, where we got to sit down and talk to the couple, learn about their preferred style and photo requirements. With this one, there was no expectation. And that, my friend, could really mean we not sure what to expect.
So, we geared up and did what we do best, capture the good times and precious moments, as genuine as possible. Just like how our friends would have wanted.
Duy & Tran’s wedding was fun, casual, and relaxing. And the moments we captured reflect that perfectly.
Hope you enjoy Duy & Tran’s wedding photography. Though we are Melbourne based wedding photographers, if you’re getting married in Adelaide, or having a destination wedding, or elopement, we would be very much interested. Let’s CHAT

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