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May, 7, 2019 |

If Dan looks familiar to you it’s because he was one of the groomsmen at a wedding I had shot a few weeks previously. The wedding itself was a joy to be part of, and so I was honoured to continue the connecting life stories of those attending and shoot Dan and Kirsten’s engagement

A romantic at heart, Dan took a risk and surprised Kirsten with the shoot. For her birthday he asked her to meet up at Bourke Street Mall, while I discreetly took photos from afar. This turned out to be a delightful pay-off as I was able to capture those blessed candid moments, where nothing is posed and the smile and joy is real and unaffected.
After Kirsten was made aware of my presence, we continued the shoot around the Melbourne CBD, particularly the popular graffiti heaven in Hosier Lane. Finally we finished up in Movida where the lighting and atmosphere fit the mood for the slightly crazy day.

Looking over the photos, my favourite photo is definitely the first one featured. The way they hold themselves so casually around each other, yet intimately with their smiles and the way Kirsten gently holds Dan’s hand on her shoulder. Shots like these are priceless, they are a brief moment of familiarity and tenderness that is so very rare to capture. A beautiful photo that sums up a beautiful couple.

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