Anteneh & Tamsin’s Melbourne Wedding Photography | Footscray

May, 7, 2019 |

This is a real life fairy tale that comes true. Anteneh & Tam’s wedding remains one of the most beautiful wedding that I have had the pleasure to photograph.

The Huns (it’s how they call each other, short for honey) had been in a love for as long as anyone can remember (it’s actually 12 years by my humble memory). They first started dating during high school days when they both went to Footscray College. Footscray therefore, had become a big part of their life. It was where they grew up, went to school, and fell in love. It’s no surprise that they chose their wedding photographic locations around this area. You can easily spot the iconic Franco Cozzo grafitti, Footscray Townhall, the crossing bridge if you live in the West. But not many people actually choosing this location for their wedding, hence a unique touch to Anteneh & Tamsin’s wedding.

There were many heart-touching moments throughout the day but for me the highlight was probably the part where Tamsin put on the head piece, which her mother and grandma had worn on their wedding day, and so did their ancestors who was also presented that morning when Tamsin put on her dress. Time seems to stand still for a brief moment and for me, it was the most beautiful moment I have ever witnessed and captured perfectly.

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