Trung & Hai-Vy’s Vietnamese Wedding Tea Ceremony

May, 7, 2019 |

We were honoured to be part of Trung & Hai-Vy’s wedding celebration. The wedding was split onto 2 days because there were just so much to fit within a day (it’s actually not uncommon for Vietnamese wedding here in Australia as there are many formalities required). The first day started off with the tea ceremony, an important part of traditional Vietnamese wedding. The bride looking gorgeous in her red traditional dress (ao dai) and Trung with a big smile on his face and the bouquet on his hand, arrived just outside Hai-Vy’s family residence. He and his family would be invited inside after a round of firecrackers and the wedding gifts (betel leaves, fruit, cake & roast pig) in lacquered boxes, covered in red clothes, were exchanged.

There was so much good vibe & excitement going around from both side of the families. Everyone was genuinely happy and you could tell by the smile on their face.

Enjoy first part of Trung & Hai-Vy’s wedding celebration, the formal tea ceremony to pay respect to both side of the families.

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