Travis & Rahil – A Persian Wedding in Melbourne

May, 7, 2019 |

Sometimes I like to ask couples “Was it love at first sight?”

Travis “Yes”

Rahil “….. not quite….”

Travis was enamoured by Rahil, although she didn’t quite reciprocate his feelings at first, she was quickly won over with his grand gestures and devotion to her. One adorable story they shared was dated prior to being a couple. Travis planned a party and invited Rahil over, however it was just a ruse to see her, because when she turned up she realised she was the only guest there. After such an elaborate stunt just to spend time with her, how could Rahil not fall in love?

This wedding was one of my first experiences with a Persian wedding, so the highlight of my day was watching the Persian knife dance. For the uninitiated- as per Persian customs, before the couple is able to cut into the wedding cake, they must earn the right to the knife. This begins an elaborate dance with a female wedding guest while the couple offers money in exchange for the knife. However it’s not as easy as that, and the dancer may choose to be coy and pass the knife to another wedding guest until the bride and groom have paid a sufficient ransom.

The ceremony took place at the Botanic Gardens, where they also held beautiful speeches and shared stories about their journey to love. There was not a dry eye in house as the two committed their lives to one another.

So I ask a different question now: “Is it true love?”

Both: “Yes, abosutely”

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