Tommy & Linda – A Vietnamese Engagement

May, 7, 2019 |

I know the Bui sisters for as long as I can remember and Linda, being the second youngest of five beautiful girls (No, I did not exaggerate at all), is the only one left who still hasn’t walked down the aisle. Linda and Tommy started their relationship in 2011 and the two has been traveling the world together, enjoy romantic candle light dinners and attend every football match they can. It does sound like a perfect relationship if you ask me. No wonder both Linda and Tom is taking their time when it comes to settling down and call it a day.

So it came as a surprise when Linda and Tom finally announced their engagement, and everyone was thrilled, especially families on both sides. I mean, they had been pressuring the two I’m sure, but that’s another story. Put that aside, the day finally came and wow, how gorgeous does she look in that traditional dress (we call it, ao dai)? Standing beside her sisters, Linda tried her best to contain her happiest tears.

Meanwhile, when Tom and his family arrived that morning, oh boy, little did he know he was about to enter the toughest challenge of his life. A series of games awaiting for Tom and his groomsmen to complete before allowing inside the residence. And they had to do it while wearing “ao dai”, in scorching thirty something degree. Their sweat and effort made everyone cried laughing. It was good fun. The boys did it in the end, got through the final door with some red pockets handy (it’s for luck). And the tea ceremony took place to pay respect to Linda’s ancestors.

Tom and Linda’s engagement was beautiful and delighted. I was very honored to be there and capture these special moments of the two families becoming one. Bring on the wedding in November!

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