Marty & Kaye-Maree – A wedding celebration | El Coco

May, 7, 2019 |

What can I say about Marty and Kaye-Maree? What an interesting couple is slightly understatement. Marty and Kaye got married in a beautiful forest of Sequoia National Park with the presence of, wait for it, nobody but a celebrant. That’s right, the two tied the knot without all the formality and interruption from a modern world with smart phone and social media.

But their families and friends did not miss out on the most important thing, the wedding celebration, which took place at their most favourite bar, El Coco on King Street, Melbourne. The celebration was, of course, also very casual. People came to share some moments with the newly weds, catching up on latest gossips and dancing to the music. Hightlight from the night was when the first dance song came on and, Kaye-Maree stepped out on the dance floor…with her dad.

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