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May, 7, 2019 |

While most people prefer to get married, then have kids. Lachlan & Kelly’s story is quite the opposite. Having 5 kids between themselves. One could easily argue that nobody would have time for romance & wedding. Point made and it would be correct in many cases. But nothing could be further from the truth for Lachlan & Kelly. When I first met the couple at their own residence to go through the wedding plan, I was greeted with  a warm welcome and their friendliness made me feel right at home. Our talk would get interrupted every few minutes when their little baby girl demanded some attention. Other times, it was other kids. I went home that night smiling and somewhat excited. I was excited that my photos would become part of their loving family.  This is why I love what I do, photographing real people, real weddings, and capture real stories.

It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing on the wedding day for Kelly however. I got a call early that morning with Kelly panicking on the other line. The cottage where the girls were staying and getting ready at, got no power. Change of plan, they quickly gathered all the belongings including the wedding gown and retreated to one of the bridesmaid’s house nearby. Luckily their little unfortunate event ended there. Things started to look up.

The rest of the wedding day went smoothly and what touched me the most was the look on Lachlan’s face when he saw the flower girl walked through the aisle, who is no other than their own daughter. He was proud and as happy as a father could be. And when Kelly appeared on the far end of the garden archway, he was stunned and speechless. The girl that he thought he always knew, had turned into a beautiful bride. They then held each other hand, looked deeply into each other eyes and kissed like they never kissed before. Time seemed to freeze for a moment, just enough for me to capture this perfect shot. The shot that would become part of their lives. The shot that I was excited to capture when I first met them that evening.

Hope you enjoy Lachlan & Kelly’s wedding as much as I do. And if you are wanting to have your wedding at Fortnums, Sassafras. All I can say is, absolutely. The venue is beautifully surrounded by gardens that overlooking city & Dandenong ranges. Perfect place for an intimate wedding.

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