Aaron & Gemma’s Love Story

Aaron & Gemma’s Love Story

May, 7, 2019 |

This one sounds like a rom-com, but it truly started on Valentine’s Day.

Both Aaron and Gemma were out with their respective separate groups of friends when they both ended up at Perseverance, a local bar in Brunswick. They spotted each other across the crowded bar and sparks flew.

Both were not typically extroverted people but as they told me their love story their faces lit up and I knew I had to recreate some of their moments for them. We ventured to Edinburgh Gardens and they showed me their favourite spots, the bench they would sit and get to know each other. And finally, the moment when Aaron pretended to drop something but in reality was getting down on one knee to ask the all important question.

It took a little while for Aaron and Gemma to warm up – being rather shy people taking such centric photos was a little out of their comfort zone, however they soon were laughing and sharing their journey and really opened up. Although this shoot did not have the elaborate set up that my wedding photography usually involves, I am secretly proudest of these. It was a real joy and I think key to my style and involvement that the couple were able to take photos at their own pace and comfort but we still produced beautiful shots. We were able to recreate their journey, which can sometimes feel a little forced when you do this, but in this case all the pieces fell naturally in place and I feel that I really did capture that “yes” moment.

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